Career Name--Cluster Name
  1. Corporate Lawyer--Law, Public Safety,etc
  2. Public Policy Analyst--Goverment & Public Adm.
  3. Sociologist--Human Services
  1. Short Term
    1. Getting A's on tests, quizzes, and labs
    2. Getting a 5 on the AP Chemistry and AP Government Exams
    3. Getting better health and excerising more often so that I can do more of the things that I like to do.
  2. Mid Term
    1. Knowing what career to major in
    2. Graduating from High School with 4.0 GPA
    3. Getting into a good college with strong academics
  3. Long Term
    1. Graduating from College with an A or B
    2. Getting a good job with enough money to live in NYC and allows me the flexibility to take time off.
    3. Getting Married

My Career=Pharmacy